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  • The tools of the SMAF finally reunited in a single shareable information system
  • Automatic calculation of the Iso-SMAF Profiles
  • Reports facilitating the analysis of results and the development of the assistance plan
  • Simple and easy to use by the health care professionals
  • Facilitates networking and service organization
  • No need for software installation

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The iSMAF, fifth major release of our software, is a Web software that computerizes proven clinical Tools and processes supporting the SMAF tool. The iSMAF edition for Quebec includes the PRISMA-7, the SMAF evaluation grid, the social-SMAF, the Iso-SMAF profiles generator and the Care Table.

It also includes several functions allowing clinicians and managers to generate various reports on subjects or on groups of subjects. It is therefore possible to obtain an overall picture of the establishment, the evolution of profiles or of one SMAF item through time, or to compare the profiles distribution among different subject groups. Thus, it supports clinical and administrative decision making.

A turnkey solution, safe and user-friendly, the iSMAF uses modern technologies allowing a network of establishments, hosted on the same server, to quickly share information relevant to the SMAF tool.

BENEFITS of the iSMAF software



  • Accessible on any computer with internet
  • Availability at all times
  • Deployment mode adapted to the needs and restrictions of the organization


  • Proven Web technology in the industry of health technologies
  • Instant and continuous access to reliable information


  • Access control by authentication and logging operations
  • Encryption of data transmission on the network
  • Compliance with safety requirements of the competent authorities


  • Modular and extensible architecture, adaptable to changing needs
  • Possibility of additional services according to the needs of the organization or healthcare network
  • Adaptability to regional features (vocabulary, clinical and administrative rules)


  • Easy start-up and navigation
  • Polished appearance
  • Intuitive operation


  • Clinical and administrative decisions based on the quality of assessments and information
  • Time saving: instant access to information, summaries, transversal and evolutionary reports, quick search
  • Simplified information sharing and networking

ESMAFII software


The eSMAFII software, the previous version of iSMAF, as well as the technical support related to it are no longer available.

If you are an eSMAFII user and you wish to migrate to the iSMAF software version, please contact the CESS.



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Did you know that...

In Quebec, more than 12 300 professionals were trained on the SMAF and use it on a daily basis.